Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CNN iReport: Starting Out

So i've taken the initiative to participate in CNNs iReport Assignments regarding Islam. I made a post there and i thought it would be good idea to give it a share over here. Basically, in the iReport, i have stated my opinions on Islam as a Muslim that is from Malaysia, raised in America and now living in the Emirates. I can't post the actual article here but the link is down below. It would be superbly great if you would give it a read!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homeland Poem

So i found this poem that i must've made a year or two ago. It's really reminiscing to see how i wrote in the past. Thought i'd share it!

In a great metal bird, of best breed.
Ones ear vibrates below, a landlubber.
Sounds come to the ear to feed.
Blue is Atlantic Ocean, whales fat blubber.
Air; Land to sea I’ve travelled with glee.

He could leave now or go later by jet.
He left now, the plane went SWOOSH
Jet be fast, weather be harsh, risky I bet
Moderate, safe to fast, danger I shouldn’t push
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Arrive safely, happy I shine.
Meet relatives was more then fine
Dancing I am, on cloud nine.
This country is truly mine!
Leaving I frown in the boat line.

Hark at him his friends tword
On boat he won’t forget memories
Next year, he’d go by the board.
Diving with ocean treasuries.
Tis the tale of a mortal one lored
From this day he waits bored.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pendulum Drum and Bass Band

Just a brief history on my music tastes before we take dip in the world that is Pendulum. They say a person will shuffle through several genres of music in their lifetime. I can approve this. When i was a wee-little boy of the age of about 6, i used to enjoy listening to Linkin Park, Greenday, and The Scorpions (Yes, The Scorpions are quite ancient now). Simply categorized, my taste was rock music. Growing up slightly in my pre teen years of around 13, i started developing a taste in Popular music (pop) and Soul like Ke$ha, Ne-Yo, Usher. All these tastes in music still linger with me to this day, i mean, Linkin Park and Greenday were amazing! However, i now breakthrough to my next and presumably my final stage in music taste. I now fall under the category of general electronic music, more specifically i enjoy EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Dubstep (Chillstep, heavy, brutal, etc.) and Drum and Bass.

Pendulum is like the soulmate for my music tastes. This is because it has elements of Dubstep, electronic, rock and quite predominantly, drum and bass. If you don't know, Pendulum is a group of talented musicians, formerly known as a band, from the great Australia. Speaking in modern informal terms, their music is simply 'sick' (which is good). Some of their tracks are purely instrumental whilst some include vocal parts. Their latest album 'Immersion' has a mixture of both and has met or even exceeded the standards of their previous albums. My favorite song from Pendulum is actually from the album 'In Silico.' The song is called 'The Other Side.' It features really nice drum and bass, just as all their songs do. Additionally, it also has really catchy vocal parts alongside unique versus. The music itself is electronic with a theme of drum and bass which makes for a perfectionist duo.

Pendulum has a rather supporting fan base that really appreciates the music. Unlike other artists or bands, hate is very prominent. This isn't generally the case with Pendulum as people enjoy the music and praise the group. I can say that i gladly hopped into the Pendulum fan train and fitted along with it rather nicely. If you don't listen to this genre of music, give it a try. Pendulum makes really quality music. It shows. In fact, i'm listening to '9000 Miles,' one of their songs right now. Goes to show! Obviously, this is all just part of my opinion until you have a listen yourself.

Looks like your typical band but sounds way better!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spoilers: 5 Possible Realistic Naruto Chapter 692+ Theories

Anyone who is caught up with the manga is probably either ecstatically happy or extremely annoyed. Right after the relentless fight with Kaguya, we get our farewells and epilogue material. But then something happens. Sasuke. Yes. Uchiha Sasuke does something that isn't surprising at all. He starts revolution. Having Madara, Kaguya, and the Hokages out of the way, Sasuke readily challenges Naruto. But first, he traps Narutos nine new best buddies, the tailed beasts. Naruto storms down in epic rage, ready to annihilate Sasuke, with a face of determination and steel. However, we all know our beloved main character wouldn't kill Sasuke. We've seen the sketches for The Last Naruto Movie and it shows Naruto. But no Sasuke. So now, i've devised some theories on the progression of Naruto and what i think may happen. Just a heads up, the manga is on break next week. So lets stock up on discussions.

1. The talk: Naruto will gradually talk Sasuke out of the fight. After all, Naruto admittedly stated that they understand each other through fists, so basically they have to fight to understand each other. This method is infamously called the 'Talk no jutsu" otherwise known by the acronym 'TnJ.' Of course we can expect flashbacks along the way and some commentary from Sakura and Kakashi. [Anyone else annoyed with the way Sakura is holding Kakashi?]

2. Hamura: Hamura Ootsutsuki, the brother of the Sage of Six Paths (So6P). We still haven't seen his debut yet. I think his role is definitely not over yet. We all got a brief mentioning of him and only seen him through Kaguyas flashbacks. The thing that makes Hamuras appearance more credible is the fact that the sage himself is fading away. We haven't even gotten the backstory regarding Kaguya that we wanted? Why did Kaguya want the army of white zetsus? Why where there those ominous castles in the background of the Kaguya dimensions? What happened to Hamura? BAM. the answer to this is Hamura himself. If he somehow emerges to assist Naruto or carry on his own agenda, we can expect some major backstory talks. I'm hoping for something along those lines to occur. For sure. 

3. Indra and Ashura: The 2 children of the So6P have been mentioned over and again. Man. We want to actually see them don't we? As we already know, Naruto and Sasuke are the inheritors of the will and chakra destiny branch of Indra/Ashura. Remember that momentous time before shippudden when Naruto and Sasuke clashed at the Valley of the End. Good times! Well, something happened when the Chidori and Rasengan collided. They got to understand and meet on even terms as plain people in some white distant area. What if this were to happen again in the current fight, except this time they meet Indra and Ashura in the plain? Naruto could throw out the TnJ and have a little lecture with the Sages children. He could try to break the lineage and stop this once and for all for EVERY generation. Whilst doing this, Sasuke will be there watching this talk and maybe have a change of heart. Maybe. If all else and this fails to happen, then maybe the 2 children will appear via some sort of chakra state just as the Sage did. Who knows.

4. Hostage: I've considered to myself whether this is worth noting down but i've concluded it as a possibility. What if Sasuke were to take Sakura or Kakashi amidst the fight and kill one of them. Or why not both? I don't know. However, i do know that Naruto will freak out if this happened. Just seeing Hinata get injured at the Pain fight turned Naruto into an insta-six tails. With Narutos current powers, he could whip out something on par with a spirit bomb if he were to rage. The only problem is that it's Sasuke and we all know that deep down, Naruto loves a friend. One thing is for sure, we need more actual deaths in Naruto because there just isn't enough. I'm sure Naruto matured further so he may not go on a killing rage spree against Sasuke but it may trigger something in Naruto. 

5. Death: As i mentioned earlier, the designs for Naruto The Last Movie were released. Most characters were shown in their young adult form (about 21 years old). We didn't get to see everyone, but most people were revealed, heck even Temaris designs were made. Just not Sasuke and a couple others. However Sasuke is the important one here. Why wasn't he revealed? Could he be dead? Could his design be a massive spoiler? Or is there some massive change about him? Considering Sasuke is one of the main characters formally known as a deuteragonist his reveal should be of the utmost importance. This remains a suspenseful mystery for us Naruto fans. For sure Naruto doesn't die since we saw his designs. Narutos arm with the 'Sun' tattoo is bandaged. Why is that? Maybe he did something that injured himself there, like a RasenShuriken, or maybe Sasuke did something to him. Or it could just be cosmetic. Psh, ninjas. If the movie isn't canon and is set place as another filler type movie, then that opens the stage for new possibilities. Who knows we'll have to see. 

Of course, something else may happen. I hope that one of these five theories happens or at least a mixture of some of them. Maybe Kishimoto sensai will just pull something else thats really bizarre. But in the end of the day, i don't really mind. I thoroughly enjoyed Naruto as a manga and thank Kishimoto sensai. What will you do after Naruto is finished, in regards to anime/manga? I'm stll not even sure. Any suggestions?

Are you ready for the fight of the year? Viva revolution!

Artwork courtesy from DeviantArt and the artist.
Link to artwork:

Monday, September 8, 2014

International Friendly: Germany vs Argentina

It has been some time since the Brazil 2014 World Cup. The hype seemed to die down slightly and most footballers use this time to themselves (Evident through the Instagram accounts of many football stars) or to squeeze in some more training, mostly more training. Some players are called in by their national teams to play some international matches, as if the world cup wasn't enough. So its like having a rematch. A supposed 'friendly' rematch. But just as Martin Tyler from the FIFA game commentaries says "Once we see the first couple of tackles" we'll know just how friendly the match is. I'm positive World Cup players attending the friendlies take this as a personal match if they had a bad time in the World Cup.  I'd say its not so friendly, rather a personal competition.

Germany, footballs World Champions, the king of the crop, had found themselves ironically pitted up against Argentina. Argentina returns with a renewed vengeance like no other, armed with their powerhouse 'Di Maria,' who recently transferred to Manchester United, Argentina is sure to perform in a worthy manner. The finalist and runner up team took this match as their personal vengeance and won it defiantly at a 2-4 win, resulting in Germanys loss. However it is important to note that in friendlies, managers usually put up 'bench' players. Basically, the big stars from the World Cup weren't called up to play, well, several weren't. Germany didn't have their stars like Klose, Ozil, and several others playing in the match however Argentina didn't have Messi. Messi was actually injured from his match against VillaReal when playing in Barcelona. I'm sure it was a total bummer for the Golden Ball winner, otherwise known as the Worlds Best Footballer. Indeed these matches are interesting to see, especially after the end of the World Cup.

In my opinion, Argentina deserved to win the friendly. Poor Di Maria was injured and couldn't attend the final at the World Cup, so this match was definitely redemption for him. This match was really good too and i recommend you watch it. I rate this match a 7.2/10 because it was action packed and we got to see Di Maria. A total of six goals were scored in the match. I mainly tuned in to see the match in sheer eagerness to see how Argentina would do against Germany a second time. I wasn't disappointed. Well played. ggwp.

I'm sure Messi gave Di Maria a bro-hug after his performance.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014: Whats New?

My warmest greetings to everyone! For the past year i've been quite busy with exams and the general shenanigans of life, hence the inactivity. However i plan to start up writing again! A load of things have happened since my disappearance in the blogging world. This includes the Brazil World Cup, my GCSEs, technological advancements, and a myriad of other things. I'm going to start picking up the pieces where i left it and hopefully i can get this blog up and running again. I've got tons of things to start posting so please stay tune. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer 2013

This year was very gruesome and passed by slowly for me. However i had some fun times and learned plenty of things. This year was a very crucial year as a sat my GCSE exams for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I've received my results for Biology and passed with an A, which was my target.  Next year will be the real deal. I've got the rest of my GCSEs to do, which will be a challenge.

Apart from academics i have continued to pursue Golf and Violin. On June 11th, i took my violin grade 5 exam from ABRSM and successfully passed! It was a tremendous feat for me, though i have to now focus on completing Grade 5 Theory exams. Alongside that, i've taken up Drums and Piano. I have to say, drums is coming along well and i'm getting more adept at making beats. For Piano, i'm struggling to keep both hands playing though i can manage to play some great contemporary songs.

On a lighter note, i've played a couple of golf games on the course and my games getting better and more consistent, due to private golf lessons and practice. I hope to register my handicap soon and start to take on some competitions. I've already participated in various competitions with handicapped golfers in Dubai Creek and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, so i had the privilege to play alongside stupendous golfers.

Best of all, it is summer and i will be visiting Malaysia for the majority of the summertime. I take this chance now to relax and have fun, ready and prepared for the upcoming year. Oh, and i forgot to mention, I bought an Xbox 360 from my friend Alex! The Xbox is great and since I already own a Playstation 3 and Wii, i now master all 3 consoles!

Anyways i wish everyone a great Summer! If you haven't already, please visit my Youtube and subscribe, its coming along nicely =)