Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer 2013

This year was very gruesome and passed by slowly for me. However i had some fun times and learned plenty of things. This year was a very crucial year as a sat my GCSE exams for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I've received my results for Biology and passed with an A, which was my target.  Next year will be the real deal. I've got the rest of my GCSEs to do, which will be a challenge.

Apart from academics i have continued to pursue Golf and Violin. On June 11th, i took my violin grade 5 exam from ABRSM and successfully passed! It was a tremendous feat for me, though i have to now focus on completing Grade 5 Theory exams. Alongside that, i've taken up Drums and Piano. I have to say, drums is coming along well and i'm getting more adept at making beats. For Piano, i'm struggling to keep both hands playing though i can manage to play some great contemporary songs.

On a lighter note, i've played a couple of golf games on the course and my games getting better and more consistent, due to private golf lessons and practice. I hope to register my handicap soon and start to take on some competitions. I've already participated in various competitions with handicapped golfers in Dubai Creek and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, so i had the privilege to play alongside stupendous golfers.

Best of all, it is summer and i will be visiting Malaysia for the majority of the summertime. I take this chance now to relax and have fun, ready and prepared for the upcoming year. Oh, and i forgot to mention, I bought an Xbox 360 from my friend Alex! The Xbox is great and since I already own a Playstation 3 and Wii, i now master all 3 consoles!

Anyways i wish everyone a great Summer! If you haven't already, please visit my Youtube and subscribe, its coming along nicely =)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Renaissance] The GCSE's.

Examinations are essential in being able to measure our capacity in knowledge. Exams can come to students in many forms, as SATs, GCSE's or like in my home country, Malaysia,  PMR (or SPM, mixed up between the two). It presents itself to me as the GCSE's and like all exams, it brings forth a challenge. I'm starting to face the hardships that occur during exam times. Keeping motivation and to continuously study is easier said than done. I have done one of my examinations for Biology, actually 1 third of it, it was the B1 exam and thank god, i had gotten an A. It wasn't an A* or A+ but it was still something, and I am happy of my result and hope to continue in that path or hopefully even achieve better! The pressure builds on, as more tests approach in June, maybe this is why i haven't been on in sometime or maybe i was just lazy (haha). But if there is anyone out there, then i'd like to thank you for reading. Blogger sure has changed, hope to create a new look for this blog and add some new features! Keep up with me folks! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summers Arrival

School has come to an end and is reeling in memories of the past school terms. Only recently, it felt as if school had just begun but now it's summer, the long awaited summer. All my previous activities like HorseBack riding, Golf, Tennis, and Piano have come to an erupt stop for the time. But i continue to practice violin and have successfully passed the Grade 4 ABRSM violin exam. Bringing me up a step in my 'career' as a violinist. As of now, I wait for the long awaited and needed trip to Malaysia, my home-country. To keep myself occupied, I have my laptop, violin, and some books to keep me company. Nearly every night, my family and I watch "The Practice," a series on law. This series was deeply influential in my ambition to becoming a lawyer, a civil lawyer to be specific. We have watched seven out of eight of the seasons and ironically, are coming to the end of the series as school has also come to an end.

Monday, May 28, 2012

[I'm Back] Dubai Youth Orchestra

It has been sometime that I haven't updated my blog, and for all who don't know, it is EXAM week! Academic exams and my violin grade 4 ABRSM exam. My 'career' with the violin has took a big step forwards! I got accepted in the Dubai Youth Orchestra about five weeks ago. The Dubai Youth Orchestra has been formed for a very long time and had its own music academy. We've held rehearsals at The Third Line in Dubai and have already hosted a concert at the Pavilion. The orchestra consists of a variety of people in many ethnic groups and ages of youth. The conductor there, Mr. Imad, is a very passionate and committed violinist. I've learnt plenty from him already, and was warmly welcomed by the community and family committee there. In the future, videos will be taken of the concerts and rehearsals for all to enjoy! Anyone is free to join who is interested [Must be auditioned], with the requirement that the participant is committed and passionate about the instrument.

Instruments include the: Violin, Cello, Guitar, Flute, Oud, and sometimes even the drums.

Please do visit and like their Facebook page which is the Dubai Youth Orchestra and you can visit the website [Still incomplete as its new]  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Movie making for Mac

 Mac users have lots of set back in the way that many application were built natively for Windows. But there are a lot of things that are unique to the Mac. Macs have a sleek look and the "genie" effect of opening and closing applications or programs give it a difference feel then in Windows. Movie making is one of the most packed features available in a Mac. You can screen record freely using "Quicktime Player" and also record audio. "Imovie" also come free in applications folder were you can make movies. Just drag your movie into the project folder and start editing! Editing is made very easy and user friendly, you can add photos using Iphoto and add music with Itunes. Imovie is pre-bundled with powerful tools to make trailers with different themes and many different types of transitioning effects. There's simply lots to discover in the Mac! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HorseBack Riding

I've started to take HorseBack riding lessons at the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing club. My first lesson was the basics of getting steady and balanced. The horses name was 'Pirate.' The second lesson I took was mainly the same but at the end the proctor threw in a surprise. The guider released the horse and the horse started galloping away. I held on tight and deep inside I was literally petrified. At first i thought that i was going to fall, the proctor kept telling me to pull the reign, so i did and the horse stopped. That was one of the most terrifying experiences i've ever faced. But at the end, i looked back at it as a great experience. I sit here wondering what awaits me in the next class.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament

  A couple days ago the Dubai Desert Classic was held at the Emirates Golf Club at Emirates Hill Dubai, UAE. I received a free ticket from the golf club that i take classes in which is the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club. On arrival, I went straight to the driving range area, where I got to watch the professionals practice hitting. Some steps away was the pitching and bunker practice area, where they practiced chipping, pitching, and hitting in the bunker. After that, I watched a couple of pro's tee-off. Eventually came Rory Mcllroy and his tee-off group which also included Martin Keymer. Mcllroy is currently the worlds Number 2 golfer! We followed his group around the eighteen holes for around 8 hours in total, in between rounds, I ate lunch at the various canteens they had around the course. The winner of the Tournament was Cabrera Bello with the score of -18.